CorkScrew Bar & Grille Reviews

This was the best steak ever. Thank you so much! Also the goat cheese is something I will dream about every night. Awesome Job!

KCC Jan. 2023

Brunch was awesome today - Food delicious as always. To the buss boy staff - you guys are ROCK STARS - Cleaning the tables so fast, trying to turn around within a minute. Way to Go!
Dylan and Cameron Jan. 2023
Thank you. The food that you cook is amazing. It's probably hard but I just love the food. Your a super awesome chef and you are good at it. You are super cool.
Love, Lily age 8
Our meals were delicious. We had a nice family dinner and lunch. Our waitress was lovely when we had lunch. 2 BLT, 1 salad, and 1 french dip. Thank you, love this place.

Kate Jan. 2023

PHENOMENAL! Food and Drinks were excellent! Kitchen was fantastic at accommodating special requests and the food was DELICIOUS! Thank You!
Jan. 2023
You came highly recommended by a friend of mine in St. Augustine. Did not disappoint! Fabulous meal! Loved it!
Rox Jan. 2023

Everyone enjoyed their meals from appetizers to Burgers to Salmon to dessert. Service was fast and friendly. We felt well taken care of.

Therese O. Nov. 2022
This experience was THE BEST from beginning to end! We are SO GLAD we drove over from Orlando to spend our special day with you. Kate is a gem and gave us stellar service and the food and drinks were perfect. Thank you so much for this experience.
Jan. 2023
TWICE this week! Everything was delicous! Thank you for the menu variety and preparation - LOVED IT!
Thanks, Giavonni Jan. 2023
1st time here. The food was great and so was the atmosphere. We will be back.
From: St. Aug, FL. Jan. 2023
We are from Michigan - this is a "Must" restaurant every year. Great food, great service. See you soon.

Jan. 2023

I had the swamp pasta. Top 5 dinners I have EVER had. Great job. Waitress was great! God is faithful.
Dec. 2022
Awesome! Most consistent kitchen/restaurant in NSB. We love coming here and we always say that we don't come enough. Keep up the good work!
Jan. 2023
FANTASTIC MEAL! I'm sorry I dropped some of the sauce on my shirt - such a waste of deliciousness.
Jan. 2023
It's obvious how much you care about the plates that you offer us - delicious and beautifully presented. Thank you!
Jan. 2023